Armenia will continue its work in the UN Security Council regarding the opening of the Lachin Corridor: FM Mirzoyan


YEREVAN, JANUARY 17, ARTSAKHPRESS. The UN Security Council is an important platform and Armenia will continue working there on the issue of opening the Lachin Corridor, ARTSAKHPRESS.reports, Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan stated during the parliament-Government question and answer session, answering the question of what to expect from the UN Security Council, given that it was not possible to adopt a joint statement on the Lachin Corridor.

“On September 13-14, after the invasion of the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia and the occupation of a part of our sovereign territory by Azerbaijan, the first discussions took place in the UN Security Council after a break of many years. And now, after the closing of the Lachin Corridor and the blockade of Nagorno-Karabakh, we made a request again, and on the initiative of France, discussions took place in the UN Security Council on December 20. Also, the members of the UN Security Council expressed public positions. Everyone can learn about the nuances of the specific position of a specific country. the videos are available on the Internet. And a document was circulating, and it was the statement of the country holding the presidency  of the UN Security Council, and unfortunately, it was not possible to accept the document due to the positions of individual countries, sometimes also friendly countries, but the work continues. And the UN Security Council is an important platform, and everyone can realize its importance, and we will continue the work there,” Mirzoyan emphasized.

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