CoE responds to Armenian legislator’s letters on humanitarian disaster in Artsakh resulting from Azerbaijani blockade


YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 2, ARTSAKHPRESS. Member of Parliament Taguhi Tovmasyan, the Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Public Affairs, said that the Council of Europe responded to her letters on the humanitarian disaster in Artsakh resulting from the Azerbaijani blockade.

“The Council of Europe has responded my letters on the humanitarian disaster emerged as a consequence of the full blockade of Artsakh by Azerbaijan,” Tovmasyan said in a statement on social media. I have addressed the CoE Secretary General many times voicing a number of concerns on the blatant violations of International Law by Azerbaijan. In particular, I have alarmed Ms. Marija Pejčinović Burić, the Secretary General of the leading human rights organization, about the statement by Z. Orcu, Chair of the Human Rights Committee of the Parliament of Azerbaijan on taking over Yerevan, which is the capital of the Republic of Armenia, the subject of the International Law.  Since the blockade of Berdzor Corridor the issues on the necessity to satisfy the vital needs of 120.000 Artsakh Armenians arising as a consequence of the humanitarian disaster in Artsakh, as well as issues on cutting off the electricity and gas supplies to Artsakh by Azerbaijan and the violation of the fundamental rights of the people of Artsakh have been the core of my letters. I have also specially touched the unacceptable incident on subjecting 19 Armenian children to psychological and emotional violence by Azerbaijan, which should be a subject to investigation by relevant international institutions. Regarding the mentioned letters, I have got responses by Mr. Miroslav Papa, the Director of the Private Office of the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, in which: The Council of Europe shall continue assisting reconciliation efforts between Armenia and Azerbaijan in its sphere of competence, Referring to the statement by the Icelandic Presidency of the Committee of Ministers on 19 January on the humanitarian situation around the Lachin (Berdzor) Corridor, they rest us assured that CoE Secretary General shall continue to follow the situation closely, CoE Secretary General has expressed concerns and has underlined the need to avoid escalating tensions. I would like to extend thanks to the Private Office of the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General and specially Ms. Burić and Mr. Papa for responding my urgent letters. Simultaneously I would like to stress the need for effective steps by International Community towards preventing the genocidal policy of Azerbaijan. Condemnations are not enough, sanctions against Azerbaijan are needed.”

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