In latest display of Armenophobia, masked Azeris blocking Lachin Corridor harass children returning to Artsakh,1 faints


STEPANAKERT, JANUARY 18, ARTSAKHPRESS. 19 children from Artsakh who were stranded in Armenia as a result of the blockade of Lachin Corridor were transported home to reunite with their families, the Artsakh Human Rights Defender Gegham Stepanyan said. He said the children were accompanied by Russian peacekeepers.

“In the Shushi-Karin Tak area, the blockaded part of the road where the Azerbaijani government sponsored agents posing as eco-activists and the journalists in their service are located, the car was stopped by the Azerbaijanis. Then, 10-15 masked Azerbaijanis with video cameras and wearing civilian clothes approached the car and some of them breached into the vehicle and filmed the children. The provocative actions of the Azerbaijanis caused chaos in the car and one of the children lost consciousness. As a result of actions taken by the Russian peacekeepers the Azerbaijanis were removed from the vehicle and the vehicle continued its course. Afterwards, when the car was passing through the blockaded part of the road the Azerbaijanis started demonstrably shouting in the direction of the car carrying the children.

This brazen behavior of the Azerbaijani governmental agents is an arbitrary and illegal interference into the privacy of the children, and an illegal encroachment against their psychological integrity, dignity and reputation. These criminal actions are entirely exposing their true goals and intentions. The ethnic hatred against Armenians by Azerbaijanis knows no boundaries, targeting even children. This provocative and criminal action once again proves the fact that the road is blockaded and the impossibility of safe travel along it, even while accompanied by Russian peacekeepers,” Ombudsman Gegham Stepanyan said on social media.

Reporter and TV host Erik Antaranyan had earlier reported that 16 of the children are from the group that had traveled to Armenia to attend the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in December 2022.

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