Nagorno Karabakh doctors “doing everything they can” to save critically-ill patients amid blockade


YEREVAN, DECEMBER 23, ARMENPRESS. Planned surgeries remain suspended in hospitals of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) due to the Azerbaijani ongoing blockade of Lachin Corridor, the only connection of Nagorno Karabakh with Armenia.

The Ministry of Healthcare of Nagorno Karabakh said in a statement that 11 children are under intensive and neonatal care at the Arevik clinic. The 4-months-old baby with visceral leishmaniasis continues to be in a serious condition.

Another 7 patients are in intensive care at the Republican Medical Center. 4 of them are in critical condition and doctors are doing everything they can to stabilize the patients.

“The Ministry of Healthcare of Artsakh is taking all possible measures to properly overcome the situation resulting from the blockage,” the ministry said.

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