Nagorno Karabakh expects support from int’l community, namely OSCE MG Co-Chairing countries – Speaker


JANUARY 12, ARTSAKHPRESS. Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) is facing scarce possibilities for withstanding a rigorous winter, the Speaker of Parliament of Artsakh Arthur Tovmasyan said in a statement as the Azeri blockade of Artsakh entered the 32nd day.

“Azerbaijan is gradually increasing the pressures. For already 4 days the only power transmission line supplying Artsakh with electricity from Armenia is damaged, and the Azerbaijani side is impeding repair works. Such developments weren’t unexpected for us. We are facing scarce possibilities for withstanding the rigorous winter. It’s clear what the Azerbaijani military-political leadership wants, and it’s clear what the people of Artsakh want. The unprecedented difficult situation continues in Artsakh. The crisis is getting worse as a result of the blockade. Political and humanitarian negotiations between the republics of Azerbaijan and Artsakh can only happen in an atmosphere of mutual trust. Regrettably, that atmosphere is absent today, furthermore the blockade pushed the parties farther away from the possibility of starting such talks. In this regard we expect the support of the international community, particularly the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairing countries. The people of Artsakh are unbreakable,” Speaker Tovmasyan said.

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