Official from Artsakh presents food products and medicines that are running short


YEREVAN, DECEMBER 5, ARTSAKHPRESS. The State Commission for Regulating Public Services and Economic Competition of the Republic of Artsakh continues to carry out daily observations in commercial facilities and pharmacies operating in Stepanakert in order to exclude artificial price increases of a number of consumer products, medicines, baby food and diapers, official from the Commission Hrach Avtandilyan told ARMENPRESS.

“Upon the instructions of the Operative Headquarters, similar observations are also carried out in Askeran, Martuni and Martakert regional centers and the results of the observations are provided to the Commission. The commercial facilities observed in Stepanakert and regional centers no longer sell the following products: sugar, buckwheat, lentils, pasta, rice, peas, semolina, sausage, coffee, tobacco, fish, vegetables and fruits. There is a shortage of flour, salt, salad oil, eggs, local chicken meat, dairy products, cheese and butter, as well as washing powder, soap, matches and toilet paper,” Hrach Avtandilyan said, adding that according to the results of regular monitoring in pharmacies in Artsakh, there is a shortage of blood pressure drugs, antipyretic, pain reliever, gastro-intestinal, antibiotic and diabetes medication, as well as baby diapers and food.

“In order to meet the primary needs of the population, a limited amount of certain products are supplied from the reserve fund to the commercial facilities in accordance with the procedure established by the Operational Headquarters, attaching importance to their proportional distribution,” said Hrach Avtandilyan, emphasizing that the Commission promptly responds to all requests and complaints of the citizens within its powers, and the results of the conducted observations are published on the Commission’s official website and Facebook page in order to ensure public awareness.

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