Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan believes in normalization of relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan


YEREVAN, JANUARY 10, ARTSAKHPRESS. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says one cannot achieve real peace by begging for it. He said that peace must be earned.

“We must act maximally responsibly,” Pashinyan said at a press conference. “There are threats, there are opportunities, and we must deal with all of it. Regarding begging for peace, I agree with you that one cannot have peace by begging for peace. One can have peace by earning it. There is a narrative that peace can be achieved by imposing peace. Our experience showed that this too doesn’t happen. Peace must be earned, that’s obvious. I definitely agree that peace cannot be achieved by begging,” Pashinyan said when asked by a reporter.

Pashinyan added that peace can be achieved by somewhat changing the point of perspective, accurately assessing situations and realities, making maximally calculated steps, increasing Armenia’s role, visibility and significance, through higher level of institutional establishment and through changing relations in the region.

“We can have peace if we’ll be able to establish tolerant relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan, by forming an arena of certain agreements. And to develop our relations with Iran and Georgia. This is the formula to peace. And we must definitely utilize the resources of the international community that can help us in this issue. I believe in the normalization of relations with Azerbaijan and Turkey with one reason – because before doing something one must believe in it. If we don’t, then why are we negotiating, are we pretending? Pretending to do negotiations won’t lead to anywhere good,” Pashinyan said.

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