Proposals of the “environmentalists” of Azerbaijan have been absolutely unacceptable for Artsakh. President Harutyunyan


YEREVAN, DECEMBER 23, ARMENPRESS. During the press conference held on December 23, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov, very accurately noted that the Karabakh problem was left as a legacy of the Soviet Union, ARMENPRESS reports Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan announced in a post on his Facebook page. “As for the visit of Azerbaijani “environmentalists” to mines, the reality is that this year, on December 3, after blocking the only road connecting Artsakh to Armenia for the first time, the Azerbaijani side, through Russian peacekeepers, forwarded written proposals to Artsakh authorities, which had little to do with environmental issues and were completely unacceptable to Artsakh. Despite this, the Artsakh side showed a constructive approach, conveying to the Azerbaijani side through peacekeepers the conditions under which they would be ready to allow Azerbaijani environmentalists to visit the mine,” said the Artsakh president. He added that the Azerbaijani side did not comply with the conditions of the Artsakh side and their response was to block the road for a long time, not only creating serious humanitarian problems for the 120 thousand people of Artsakh, but also grossly violating the 2020 points of the trilateral declaration of November 9. “We hope that during today’s meeting of the foreign ministers of the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan, the issue of the importance of maintaining the points of the trilateral declaration was also discussed,” emphasized the Artsakh president. Nevertheless, despite the violations of the Azerbaijani side, the Artsakh authorities still declare today that they are constructively disposed and are ready to engage as a negotiating party in the discussions of any issue related to Artsakh.
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