Recognition of independence of Artsakh by Armenia and other countries is an emergency

The issue of recognition of Artsakh has become a super-issue, and we appeal to the international community to make efforts to recognize Artsakh. In the context of the war provoked by Azerbaijan, it became clear that the non-recognition of Artsakh does not allow it to use the guarantees and security mechanisms that other legitimate States have. Despite this, the Republic of Artsakh today independently, without any intervention of third parties, ensures the security of its citizens by the forces of its army, which is the most important condition for a successful state.

For decades, recognition of Artsakh has been used as an instrument of foreign, domestic, and military-political deterrence. In view of the military and political realities, the priority of the foreign policy of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh is to develop the process of international recognition, which is carried out by assessing geopolitical realities and positions.

Since 1991, after the Declaration of independence, Artsakh has been guided by the principle of the existence of a state that is not necessarily recognized by other countries, but has the characteristics of an independent state. Today, more than ever, the recognition of Artsakh is not an end in itself, the component of ensuring the security of the entire nation is of paramount importance: if recognized, it is secured by international guarantees.

Delaying the process of recognition of Artsakh by the Republic of Armenia for decades has been a mechanism of political-diplomatic containment, it was assumed that it can be implemented in case of threats to the security of the Artsakh Republic. Today, more than ever, this moment has come.

We consider it important to recognize Artsakh not only by Armenia, but also by the community of other countries, since historical, political and legal grounds speak in favor of Artsakh.

In the process of international recognition of the Republic of Artsakh, we consider it necessary to update the levers of joint diplomacy, as well as all the possibilities of using legislative levers of pressure.

We also consider it important to review the reaction of the world’s media, considering the positive attitude and sympathy (empathy) that has previously developed in the world’s press.

The war provoked by Azerbaijan has jeopardized the security and stability of the region, which means that the recognition of Artsakh is also important in the context of resolving these problems.

In addition to external challenges, the recognition of Artsakh should be considered in terms of the role and concrete actions of the Republic of Artsakh in the fight against the Azerbaijan-Turkey terrorist tandem and international terrorism, which once again prove that Artsakh is an established democratic state based on the priority of the law, and the time has come for its international recognition by other countries as a primary subject of international law.

Nelli Baghdasaryan

Adviser to the President of the Republic of Artsakh on International Relations

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