So-called environmentalists blocking Lachin Corridor are unequivocally from Azeri military – official


YEREVAN, DECEMBER 22, ARTSAKHPRESS. The Azerbaijani government has organized the closure of the Lachin Corridor and it doesn’t have anything to do with any civil action, Secretary of the Security Council Armen Grigoryan said.

Grigoryan said Armenia continues making efforts to establish peace in the region. He said the crisis shows Azerbaijan’s destructive role in the region.

“Azerbaijan is blocking the Lachin Corridor through so-called environmentalists when peace talks are proceeding. I don’t know if there are generals or captains among the so-called environmentalists. But it is unequivocal that those people are representatives of Azerbaijan’s military. In this regard, it is the Azerbaijani government who organized the blockade, that step doesn’t have anything to do with any civil action. The situation remains a crisis,” Grigoryan said.

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