State Minister Ruben Vardanyan convenes emergency meeting after Azerbaijan disrupts gas supply to Artsakh


JANUARY 17, ARTSAKHPRESS. State Minister and head of the Operational Headquarters in charge of responding to the blockade Ruben Vardanyan convened an emergency consultation regarding the disruption of gas supply by Azerbaijan.

Issues related to ensuring the uninterrupted functioning of essential facilities were discussed. State Minister Ruben Vardanyan tasked officials in charge of infrastructures to take measures and ensure the functioning of the essential facilities and the minimum demand of the population through alternative methods.

Electrical-energy supply also remains disrupted since January 9. Azerbaijan keeps barring repair crews from accessing the site of the damage for inspection. 120,000 people in Artsakh don’t have access to energy and gas supply in freezing weather conditions.

Energy supply is currently carried out at the expense of highly limited domestic resources in Artsakh.

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