The shortage of food products becomes more noticeable in Stepanakert stores


YEREVAN, JANUARY 3, ARTSAKHPRESS. The shortage of widely consumed food products, and in some cases, the absence of them, has become more noticeable in Stepanakert’s stores, especially after the large-scale New Year’s sale.

During the tour of the correspondent of ARMENPRESS to a number of shops, the absence of eggs, sugar, cereals, dairy products, salad oil, and tobacco was noticeable. In Stepanakert, there is an opportunity to buy eggs at the commercial points of one of the local poultry companies, where they are sold in limited quantities so that as many citizens as possible can purchase them.

In large stores, there is still a certain batch of food products with relatively high quality and normal prices, including meat products.

As a result of a tour to two pharmacies in Stepanakert and a conversation with the employees, it was found that thanks to the medicines delivered through the Red Cross, it was possible to temporarily meet the demand for priority medicines: pain relievers, antipyretics, pressure relievers, etc. Both pharmacies also had a certain quantity of baby food. Employees of pharmacies reported that baby diapers were sold out.

Since December 12, 2022, Azerbaijan has blocked the only road connecting Artsakh to the world, the Lachin Corridor, citing false environmental reasons.

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