We are struggling for our right to live on our land, and our people accept this approach – State Minister of Artsakh


JANUARY 11, ARTSAKHPRESS. State Minister and Head of the emergency response center of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) Ruben Vardanyan chaired a consultation with heads of government agencies on January 11.

Speaking about the current situation resulting from the Azeri blockade of Artsakh, Vardanyan noted that Azerbaijan is now factually also obstructing energy supply from Armenia in winter conditions. 

“The situation is difficult, and I’d like to thank our society for withstanding all hardships. We have numerous problems with both food and medicine. In the past two days the electric-energy problem was added on top of this. Azerbaijan is not only obstructing us from bringing in food and medicine, but is also barring repair crews from accessing the site of the damage to restore energy supply,” Vardanyan said, highlighting the need to ration existing resources.

He added that the private sector is also in a difficult situation because the blockade has led to an economic crisis and many people are losing their jobs.

Vardanyan said the Azeri policy is clear – to achieve the depopulation of Artsakh through pressures.

“But we are struggling for our right to live in our homeland, on our land. And I am very inspired that our people accept this approach. But this requires us, as leaders, to be honest and frank with our people, to understand the entire seriousness of the situation.”

Vardanyan also introduced the new Cabinet ministers.

“I want to congratulate the newly appointed ministers and thank them for assuming responsibility in such an extremely difficult situation,” the State Minister said.

He said that the government is utilizing all instruments – diplomatic, legal, media, and continues to make every effort to open the road. At the same time, Vardanyan said that the government must be ready for any possible development.

He highlighted the fact that the blockade is significantly changing the people’s way of life – forcing them into rationing and restrictions. Vardanyan said government officials should meet and directly talk with people and explain the situation.

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