We have some food reserves and will not starve – Artsakh’s officials present the situation to citizens


YEREVAN, DECEMBER 4, ARTSAKHPRESS. Deputies of the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh and representatives of the Government have started meetings with the residents of the regions in order to present information about the situation, get acquainted with the urgent problems on the spot and answer the questions of the population.

The correspondent of ARENPRESS reports that on January 4, Artur Harutyunyan, head of the Artsakh National Assembly “Free MOtherland” faction, Davit Melkumyan, head of the “Artsakh’s Democratic Party” faction, and Grigory Martirosyan, adviser to the State Minister, member of the operative staff, met with the population of a number of settlements in Martakert region.

“We had decided to carry out these visits at the end of the year, to present the situation in the communities, what to do next, as well as to listen to the problems people raise, which arose as a result of the blockade. During this time, quite a lot of questions have accumulated that need to be answered. Through citizen feedback, we also receive from the population the questions that require urgent solutions”, Artur Harutyunyan said, stating that these meetings with the population of the communities of Artsakh regions will be continuous in the coming days.

During the meetings, the deputies of the Artsakh National Assembly and the representatives of the governemnt presented the problems caused by Azerbaijan’s blockade of the only road connecting Artsakh to Armenia and the outside world and the ways to solve them.

The residents of the communities raised questions about security, providing fuel for transporting patients, and negotiations to lift the blockade.

The members of the National Assembly emphasized unity and solidarity in solving the existing problems, assuring also that Artsakh has some types of essential food stocks, which will be sufficient for a long time if the blockade continues.

MP Davit Melkumyan also referred to the current Azerbaijani informational falsifications regarding the blockade, the purpose of which is to sow panic in Artsakh.

According to him, the purpose of such visits and meetings is to convey correct information to the population.

The deputies of the National Assembly of Artsakh and the representatives of the government urged not to give in to the propaganda instilling anti-Russian moods.

“The Russian Federation, in the person of peacekeepers stationed in Artsakh, is the only factor reducing the chances of a large-scale war at the moment,” Artur Harutyunyan emphasized.

Adviser to the Minister of State, member of the operational staff, Grigory Martirosyan, also addressed the issues related to the existing stocks of food products and fuel.

“Years ago, a certain state reserve was formed. They are available and we will not starve in any case. The volume of gasoline and diesel fuel is limited. When the operative headquarters was created, first of all, their existing volumes were inventoried and control was established, according to which they are used for the organization of the work of special services: ambulance, rescue service, etc.”, Grigory Martirosyan said, emphasizing the need for frugal use of existing resources.

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