Armenia’s Institute of Molecular Biology will soon start process of providing coronavirus test kits


YEREVAN, JULY 1, ARTSAKHPRESS. The Institute of Molecular Biology of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences will soon receive an official letter from the ministry of healthcare on the production of tests for diagnosing the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Director of the Institute Arsen Arakelyan told a press conference in Armenpress that they will start providing the test kits immediately after receiving the official letter.

“The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which conducts the experiments, has sent the results to the ministry of healthcare which has already sent the letter to the Institute. We have stated that we can produce 2000 tests in a day, but if necessary we can also increase the volumes”, he said, adding that they already have 6000 tests in reserves. During this period they have tested the capacities of the production potential. Taking into account the results the Director of the Institute assured that they can surely increase the production volumes.

As for the quality of the tests, Arsen Arakelyan said according to trials, they received 98% accuracy.

During the production of the tests the Institute has closely cooperated with foreign partners. As for the export of the tests, he said at the moment there is no such discussion because the tests need to be certified and registered which is a long process and requires legislative opportunities.

The production of coronavirus tests in Armenia launched in March. Arsen Arakelyan said one test costs 2.75 USD which is quite affordable. According to research the average cost in the market is 10 USD.

Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan

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