Artsakh expects support from Armenia in more directions – State Minister


JANUARY 12, ARTSAKHPRESS. Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) State Minister Ruben Vardanyan calls for more steps and assistance in more directions from both Armenia and the Diaspora amid the blockade.

Vardanyan made the comments when asked about concrete expectations from Armenia during the blockade.

According to Vardanyan, who was speaking at a video bridge press conference, people don’t entirely understand what a blockade is. He said that NGOs of Armenia can appeal to various international organizations and voice about the violations of human rights by Azerbaijan. Vardanyan said the reaction of the NGOs and state bodies, as well as the parliament, had to be louder because it is very difficult to be heard in the world.

“And the Armenian Diaspora and Armenia must realize that this is not a normal situation, this is a situation that requires emergency action and this all must be voiced a lot stronger,” Vardanyan said.

Asked what he expects from the government of Armenia, Vardanyan said: “The Government of Armenia has already expressed its position. They are supporting financially, in the legal direction, and they say that they can’t do any more, that’s all they can do. It doesn’t matter what we expect, they’ve given their response, saying this is all they can do. We are grateful for that, but we need help in many other directions in this situation.”

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