Artsakh State Minister expects more active participation from Russia in solving Lachin Corridor issue


JANUARY 12, ARTSAKHPRESS. State Minister of Artsakh Ruben Vardanyan expects Russia to have more active political participation in terms of solving the issue of the Azeri blockade of Artsakh.

“We see how the Azeris are treating the Russian peacekeepers in a very ugly and unacceptable manner, how they are mocking them. They are making provocations by all means, trying to make the Russian peacekeepers use force,” Vardanyan said when asked at an online press conference about the Russian peacekeepers.

Vardanyan added that the mandate of the peacekeepers is limited in terms of using force or weapons. The State Minister added that he expects Russia to participate more actively in solving the issue. “The crisis is really serious. And from that side we do expect a more active political participation from Russia. That’s not the issue of the peacekeepers, but the issue of Moscow and Yerevan,” he said.

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