Blockade by Azerbaijan causes nearly 95% drop in construction in Artsakh, major housing project jeopardized


STEPANAKERT, FEBRUARY 8, ARTSAKHPRESS. Construction dropped 90-95% in Artsakh as a result of the blockade, the Minister of Urban Development of Artsakh Aram Sargsyan told ARMENPRESS.

“Construction is generally suspended as a result of the blockade given the shortage of construction materials. The materials were mostly being imported from Armenia. We were planning to commission 300 new residential homes in the end of 2022. Few work remains to be completed, but there’s insufficient construction materials and diesel fuel to finish the job. The houses will be ready for commissioning in one and a half months in case of obtaining the required materials,” the minister said.

The ministry has inventorized existing supplies in construction shops and will attempt to carry out some work this year.

“But if the current situation continues we can face more serious problems. After depleting the existing resources, construction works will be entirely suspended if the resources don’t get replenished,” Minister Sargsyan said.

After the 44-Day-War in 2020, the authorities in Artsakh launched an unprecedented housing project – the construction of 3800 new homes and the reconstruction of other residential homes which were damaged from bombardments.

The construction was proceeding normally until 12 December 2022, when Azerbaijan blockaded Artsakh. The program is planned to be completed in 2025. After the war, over 300 new residential houses were commissioned in Artsakh and over 470 homes were renovated and given to displaced families.

Van Novikov

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