BTA. Chiprovtsi Carpet Festival 2023 Scheduled for April 29 – May 1


YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 5, ARTSAKHPRESS.This year’s Festival of the Chiprovtsi Carpet will be held from April 29, the local History Museum said. The three-day event in the eponymous town of Chiprovtsi, Northwestern Bulgaria, will continue until May 1.

The tradition of carpet-making in Chiprovtsi has been on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2014.

An exhibition of carpets (or kilims), as well as hand looms on which local weavers will demonstrate how the unique Chiprovtsi carpets are woven, will be on show. They are well-known across the world for as flat, two-sided tapestries with interwoven geometric, anthropomorphic, animal and bird designs in red, black, yellow, blue, brown and green. 

A centre offering carpets and souvenirs with Chiprovtsi kilim designs for sale will also be open on all three days of the fest.

The annual festival aims to popularize the Chiprovtsi carpet (or kilim) by presenting both the traditional means of its making and the inevitable appearance of contemporary motifs, said the organizers from the Chiprovtsi Town Hall and the local History Museum.

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