California to declare April 24, ‘Genocide Remembrance Day’ as state holiday


YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 14, ARTSAKHPRESS. California State Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian has succeeded in passing a legislative bill (AB 1801) he had sponsored to declare April 24, Genocide Remembrance Day, a state holiday, The Armenian Weekly reports.

The bill mandates that every year on April 24, all community colleges and public schools throughout the U.S. state of California will close. State employees will be given time off with pay.

The text of the bill explains: “The Legislature finds and declares that Genocide Remembrance Day would be a day for all to reflect on past and present genocides, but especially those that have felt the impact of these atrocities and groups that have found refuge in California, including, but not limited to, the Holocaust, Holodomor, and the Genocides of the Armenian, Assyrian, Greek, Cambodian, and Rwandan communities. Genocide Remembrance Day would be observed annually on April 24, also known as Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, during the week the state of California traditionally recognizes Genocide Awareness Week.”

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