PM Pashinyan reiterates Armenia’s readiness to sign peace treaty with Azerbaijan in compliance with national interests


YEREVAN, JANUARY 10, ARTSAKHPRESS. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan says he will refuse to sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan if the treaty would contradict the national interests of Armenia.

Speaking at a press conference, PM Pashinyan once again reiterated that Armenia is ready to sign a peace treaty if the document will comply with Armenia’s interests.

“If there were a document on the table that we were planning to sign that would be good news rather bad news because it would mean that we’d succeeded in eventually reaching a point where we’d considered that the interests of the Republic of Armenia are safeguarded. Now the objective is not only the content of the paper but the mechanism of implementing that content. We have a signed paper of November 9, but the fact is it is not being implemented today,” Pashinyan said.

Pashinyan said that a peace treaty could be signed, but if no mechanisms for implementing its terms exist then new military escalations could happen immediately after its signing.

“The text won’t be an ideal one, let’s understand it now, but it can comply with Armenia’s balanced interests. But if there won’t be mechanisms for applying and implementing that document, it would mean that we can sign a paper called peace treaty and a week later we can get a new war or new escalation,” Pashinyan said.

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