Prime Minister Pashinyan launches special task force for providing assistance to people of Artsakh


YEREVAN, DECEMBER 29, ARTSAKHPRESS. Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan ordered the government to launch a working group led by Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Khachatryan with the goal of assisting the people of Artsakh.

“The humanitarian situation in Nagorno Karabakh is getting worse day by day as a result of the Lachin Corridor being blocked for over 18 days. Hundreds of families from Nagorno Karabakh are still separated on different sides of the blockade. Shortages of essential products are becoming more acute. Store shelves are empty, food supply restrictions are imposed in eateries, the society is in a tense socio-psychological condition. Taking this into consideration, with the purpose of assisting the people of Nagorno Karabakh in managing the humanitarian crisis, I made a decision to form a working group led by Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Khachatryan, whose objective is to monitor humanitarian issues with the Nagorno Karabakh authorities and provide the necessary urgent assistance, including with the help of international organizations,” PM Pashinyan said at the Cabinet meeting.

The Minister of Healthcare, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures and other government officials will be included in the task force.

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